Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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Kim Kardashian sex tape

It’s funny how a simple sex tape or naked photo shoot can boost a persons fame until they are the most known people in the world isn’t it? What we have here is the official Kim Kardashian sex tape that features Kim Kardashian naked and she is a beauty. Well that’s basically the story of Kim & basically the whole Kardashian family. Did you guys know who they were before she made her famous sex tape with rapper Ray J? Neither did we and that is what makes this action packed moaning movie so special compared to the rest of the tapes made. Be warned though it is kinda annoying hearing Kim’s fake moans and cries trying to make the sex tape better. We do manage to get a pretty good shot of Kim’s vagina and then she closes her legs back up. Its almost like she does not want to show her body off that much. Is she scared? Who knows but what we do know is she knows exactly what she is doing in this film. We hope you enjoy the official Kim Kardashian sex tape as much as we enjoyed bear crawling through the Kardashians backyard at four in the morning with a guard dog chasing us with the tape in hand. No but really this ones a winner! Enjoy the tape!

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